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Mtumiki salla Allah alaih wasallam anayankhula zokhunza Black Seed (Njere Zakuda حبة سوداء) kuti ndi mankhwala a nthenda iliyonse kupatula imfa… Read More…


Upon the authority of al-Bara’ ibn `Aazib who said: We went out with the Prophet (salla Allahu alaihi wa sallam) to a burial of a man from the Ansar (original inhabitants of Madina) until we arrived at the grave, and he still had not been placed in the slot of the grave… Read More…

Temporary Marriage

Could you please tell if there is such a concept as ‘temporary marriages’ in Islam. I would like to know because a friend of mine has read a book by professor Abui Qasim Gourgi and is under the impression that if they are already married it is okay for them to do mut’a (the name for a temporary marriage according to shariah). His definition for a temporary marriage is that if you like someone it is okay for you to have your nikaah read with them for a short period of time. Please could you tell me more about the issue of mut’a and which schools of thought believe in such an idea (could you support your answer using references from ahadith and quran). Read More…

"My Girlfriend!"

The patient’s mother answered the phone. The doctor introduced himself to the young man’s mom. He told her, her son was suffering due to his illness and asked her to come. But she said she was so busy and would come after work. The doctor asked her to come immediately. Read More…


Kumvera Nyimbo

Nkhani ya nyimbo inali yomveka kalekale pamene kunalibe zomwe zikuchitika masiku ano. Ngakhale zili zomveka kuti nyimbo zogwiritsa ntchito zida ndi haraam, mpovuta kuti pakali pano munthu amvesetse chifukwa choti ana akubadwa nkuwapeza anthu akumvera, kuimba ndi kuvina nyimbozo mu zochitika za Chisilamu.  Read more

Nasheed ya Haraam
Kodi kuimba ma Nasheed ndikololedwa?
Nasheed ndi yololedwa kuimba kapena kumvera. Koma ikhale yopanda zinthu za haram izi: Read More
Courtship in Islam

It clearly sounds that courtship is a love relationship between man and woman before getting married. During this relationship, the two exchange words of love, go out together, flirt and do everything to show interest to the other Read More

Kusiya Chisilamu

“Ndipo mwainu amene atuluke m’ chipembedzo chake, kenako namwalira uku ali osakhulipirira, iwo ndi omwe ntchito zawo zaonongeka padziko lapansi mpaka Tsiku Lomaliza. Ndipo iwo ndi anthu akumoto. M’menemo adzakhalamo mpaka muyaya.” 2:217 … Read More

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